Witnessing In Spite of Obstacles - Part 3

III. Questions

A. The same principles apply when dealing with questions as when dealing with objections.

B. When a question is asked concerning the topic or verse under consideration, answer the question briefly, preferably with a Bible text.

C. If the question asked is unrelated to the subject or about a doctrine that will be presented at a future time
1. “That’s a good question. Why don’t we finish our lesson, and then at the end I’ll try to answer your question.”
2. “That’s an excellent question, and it is so important that this lesson series has devoted a whole lesson to that topic. If your question is not answered in that lesson, perhaps we could study it so more to try to find the answer.”
3. If a topical question, (for example - Baptism) you might invite them to research their own Bible for the answer. Show them the key words to look for, and key questions to consider.
a. Be sure to get them started the right direction, else the devil will often lead them in the wrong direction.

D. When pressed for an answer to a question on a subject to be studied in the future

1. “It wouldn’t be fair to you for me to give you a five-minute answer to a question that will be addressed in a full lesson. If is did so, you might leave thinking that’s just my opinion…
Evan. 485 - “You should not feel it your duty to introduce arguments upon the Sabbath question as you meet the people. It f persons mention the subject, tell them that this is not your burden now. But when they surrender heart and mind and will to God, they are them prepared candidly to weigh evidence in regard to these solemn, testing truths.”

E. If you don’t know the answer, say so! It will help your prospect to understand that you are also a student of the Word, seeking additional instruction and enlightenment.

1. Offer to research the question and bring them an answer.

F. When someone asks a series of questions, remember that generally the last one asked is the greatest in their mind.

G. Whatever the question, don’t allow anything to derail you from the subject for that day

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