Ye Shall Be My Witnessess...

We're happy to announce that The Witnessing Church training has been a success at Clovis SDA Church. Their evangelistic series has started and they had a full house on opening night.

The Witnessing Church Coach will be available to the Clovis church throughout their evangelistic series for advice, coaching and more.

The Witnessing Church is available to churches who need a headstart in evangelism and has an excellent follow-up department whose main focus is to continue church growth. We're dedicated to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to win souls to Christ through training church members to reap the harvest.

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The Soul Winner's Spiritual Checklist

Perhaps today one of the reasons why we are not more effective in leading more people to Christ is because of the many erroneous ideas we hold about getting decisions. Shockingly, as James puts it, sometimes we do not receive because we don’t even ask! (James 4:2).

Many Christians present the gospel with a blunt “take it or leave it” mentality - they see their job as only sounding the warning, shaking the dust from their shoes upon its rejection and then moving on quickly to new blood.

Some even believe that people are already predestined to accept or reject the gospel, so why waste time trying to persuade them? Consider though for a moment, what if God had used similar methodologies or approaches with us, where would you and I be today? Even as God is never overbearing, He doesn’t give up on us easily! From the very outset, He is always the Initiator: we did not go looking for Him, he came looking for us!

God is constantly trying to get our attention; like a man who is passionately in love (only His love infinitely flows to deeper deeps and extends to higher highs!), he uses a myriad creative ways to try to woo us to Him: He will use people, circumstances, occasions, trials - all in effort to reach us, to get our attention because He yearns greatly to bless us!

His is a stubborn love - it is a love that says, I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will stand just nearby, just outside your personal space hoping that you will answer my call and let me into your heart. No wonder we hear Jesus saying: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20).

We find that influencing people to make a decision for Christ is often times the most difficult part of soul winning, it’s not easy, it’s really hard work! For many, it will prove to be an unpopular choice, out of step with society or threatening to their financial well-being. At its heart, it’s a science whose principles we will have to learn and practice. One practicum of the trade put it this way, “The study of the workers now should be to learn the trade of gathering souls into the gospel net.”

If we truly love people and want to see them saved in God’s Kingdom, then even as they make their objections and excuses (and believe me, they will!), we won’t be daunted or discouraged by them, we will persist with much prayer and supplication for these souls because we love them. Paul writes to the Christians at Corinth: “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel that I may share in its blessings . . . For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved.” (1 Corinthians 9: 22, 23;10:33).

Love is the essence of God’s saving action in the affairs of humanity and this should be our motivation for garnering decisions. So even before we call people to a decision for Christ, let us examine ourselves to see whether or not we are truly in the faith, to check our motivation for evangelism. Below, I have quickly outlined a few questions that you can ask yourself to check your spiritual soul winning temperature.


1. Have I truly been convicted and converted by the gospel? - To what degree has the gospel impressed and convicted my heart? Do I really know Jesus? Do I have a relationship with Him in daily bible study (John 5:39), prayer (1 Thess. 5:17)? For if I don’t know Him, I can’t introduce Him to others or even influence them to follow Him (Acts 3:6; Psalm 51:10-13).

2. Is my Christian walk bearing spiritual fruit? – How is my life reflected in the Christian and wider community? Can Jesus be seen to be shining out of my heart? Can people see the evidences, the transforming effects of me abiding in Jesus? Is the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance) embellished in my character (Gal. 6:22, 23)?

3. What is my motivation for soul winning? – Am I just involved in witnessing to play the boastful “numbers game” or do I genuinely love people and want to see them saved before their probation closes, as Christ will return soon to usher in His eternal kingdom?

4. Do I recognize that soul winning is a partnership with God? – Am I truly aware that calling people to make decisions for Christ involves a partnership between myself and the Holy Spirit, who ultimately impresses and convicts each heart (John 16:7-11)?

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Empowering The Twenty-First Century Church To Witness

In my travels across the country as a public evangelist and bible teacher, I have witnessed many churches which were once cold and forbidding or even lukewarm, become transformed into vibrant, inviting witnessing centers for Christ.

It has also become increasingly apparent to me though, that our overall evangelistic strategy needs to focus more on discipling people for Christ and emphasize less on convincing people to become members of the church.

It is easy for any one to become a member of a church, to record their name on the church roll when they are baptized; but to disciple them to become true followers of Christ, to carry out the distinct mission of the church is another matter.

This requires serious, structured, determined, prayerful effort by local church leadership, which should be implemented immediately after the evangelist and his team has left town. I have observed that in this area – discipleship – the church is critically failing to close the loop in the evangelistic cycle.

A new believer who is continually equipped, nurtured and discipled for Christ, should be encouraged to go immediately to his family, friends and coworkers, to share his faith and to make new disciples. If God’s Witnessing Church adopts this formula, there will be a revival and reformation in God’s church of the likes we have never seen.

I am convinced that for our churches to become truly empowered to witness, it will need to start with each individual member. Our members are in need of training on how to share their faith, as many were never taught to do so when they became members of the church. Someone might argue that the early disciples received no training, so why train the church today? This is not entirely true. We have to remember that the disciples spent three and a half years with the greatest Teacher ever known to man.

As Christ went about preaching, healing and teaching, almost every incident encountered was an object lesson for the disciples. As recorded in the gospel, there were times when Jesus sent them out on their own to witness as part of their training. You will recall, on one particular occasion He sent out the twelve, on other occasion He sent the seventy.

As Jesus sent them, He even told them what to say and for some reason, He would always send them two by two. Thus careful scrutiny of the gospel shows that Christ was consciously training His disciples for the gospel work which they were to carry on after His ascension. The training that Jesus gave his disciples was indeed successful as seen at Pentecost.

As the disciples stood boldly as witnesses for Christ, many hearers, including former skeptics, confessed that indeed these Christians had been with Jesus, that is to say, even though these were unlearned, ignorant men, in the sense that they had never attended the religious schools of the Pharisees, it was obvious that these men had received some training by their association with Christ.

After receiving training from AFCOE (Amazing Facts College of Evangelism) in the dynamics of church growth and evangelism, I created a church training seminar called The Witnessing Church, which has proven to be very popular with many churches across the nation. The phase, “Witnessing Church”, as used in our seminars, simply refers to a body of believers that is actively mobilized for the work of evangelism and outreach, through seed sowing, bible study outreach, reaping events, follow-up and discipleship. In other words, a Witnessing Church is one that has adopted a basic framework for evangelism, or a cycle of evangelism, in its outreach plan.

We are told by the Lord’s servant that, “There should be no delay in this well-planned effort to educate church members.”1 I believe with all my heart that as God’s people become better equipped to reap the harvest, that our stories will one day be seen as the continuation of the unfinished work of Acts!

Afraid of being Rejected

When conducting the Witnessing Church Evangelism Training classes I sometimes ask the question. Have you ever been reject? 90% of the class would say yes. I would ask the following question, how did it feel and were you able to move on with your life.

Why ask such a question. Most members are afraid to go out into the field or do outreach for fear of rejection. John 15:18-22 - If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you...

I'm going to stop right here. If we are chosen by God to go and tell the good news, honestly answer the question. Do you believe that everyone is going to accept it? Then why is it that we let our feelings get the best of us if our friends, coworker shut the doors on us, and we just give up and close the door to witnessing. After much debating and speaking with members it comes down to one thing. "SELF" When we sometimes go witnessing we go with our agenda not Gods.

I've learn when we don't have a daily devotion with God, I mean getting up as Jesus did and talking with your heavenly Father and laying our plans at His feet and picking up His plans for us, we fail. We must be filled with His Holy Spirit moment by moment leaning on the everlasting arms for wisdom when we need to reach hearts.

I was once ask by a member during training where can you find in the bible where Jesus knock on a door and was rejected. At that time I recall the story of the rich ruler, he came to Jesus and they began talking and as they were talking they got to the commandments and Jesus got right to the point. He said sell all you have and follow me. The bible made it very clear that it was a sad day not only for the rich ruler but for Christ Himself, His appeal to the heart was rejected.

You see even though Jesus was the Son of God, He went to the core of the rich rulers heart and knock on the door. I choose that story even though there are countless stories of others rejecting Christ. But I choose this example to tell you, don't be fearful of the rejection you will receive, but know that you are His.

Jesus promises in Matt 28:20 - I am with YOU. Praise God! we have that blessed assurance and promise. We have nothing to fear if Jesus is leading us and His angels are watching over us and if we listen to that small still voice that guides our every step. We will find ourselves becoming a Witnessing Church.

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The Importance of Training

Before starting the Witnessing Church, I realized that many evangelistic series were not been successful. Why? Members had involvement issues. For several reasons. They were afraid, lack self-confidence, felt no one has ask them and some have admitted they don't have the training.

I have learned that most members were giving bible studies they were not familiar with and lost many bible study interest because of that. We are told that “Many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin. They need to be instructed and encouraged.” - Christian Service, p. 59

It was then that the "The Witnessing Church" was born. Since then I have been training churches all over the United States, the Carribeans including Belize in Central America. As an evangelist I make it my duty to train the elders as well as bible workers in doing follow-ups during and after the evangelistic series.

With my wife by my side as a nurse we visit missing members and their families, the sick which in their home is offered prayer as well as water treatment to break the fever which brings about healing and it's through medical missionary work we can reach the sick. This is how the people will listen to every word that comes from the mouth of God. We are told to “Carry the Word of God to every man’s door.” Christian Service, p. 144

I thank God for the training I received at Amazing Facts College of Evangelism in Roseville California. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in being a bible worker, trainer, evangelist, minister or just to strengthen your walk with the Lord.

God has given me the privilige of being a conference bible worker, colportuer as well as a evangelist and have traveled throughout the United States, Europe and Central America. If I'm not preaching you'll usually find me training churches and preparing them for outreach. We must not abandon the vision.

And we must not forget our young people. I believe young people find church boring because we do not train them and activate them for service both in the church and in our communities. Just about every young person I have encouraged to go on mission trips come back with a vision to do more for Jesus. You'll also find they want to go back again and again.

We are Adventist looking for the second coming of Christ. So let's get our churches not be ashame of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let's not forget the impressive dream that Ellen White had:

“In the visions of the night a very impressive scene passed before me. I saw an immense ball of fire fall among some beautiful mansions, causing their instant destruction. I heard some one say, "We knew that the judgments of God were coming upon the earth, but we did not know that they would come so soon." Others, with agonized voices, said, "You knew! Why then did you not tell us? We did not know!" On every side I heard similar words of reproach spoken.” - Christian Service, p. 111.3

You will find on my Blog page ideas, and where to find tools to help you become a witness in this world. Remember we can't win everyone, but through Christ we can sure win anyone who will answer as Christ knock on their hearts door through us. There is no power within us to save souls, but we are His instruments used by God through the power of His Holy Spirit.

So check back from time to time and experience the power of a Witnessing Church. Before you go I would like share a qoute from a favorite author of mine and you will find her quotes among others as I share with you ideas to become successful soul winners. I am available to you by email if you have questions I can be contacted at Let me share this quote.

The work of winning souls to Christ demands careful preparation. Man cannot enter the Lord’s service without the needed training, and expect the highest success. . . . The architect will tell you how long it took him to understand how to plan a tasteful, commodious building. And so it is in all the callings that men follow.

Should the servants of Christ show less diligence in preparing for work infinitely more important? Should they be ignorant of the ways and means to be employed in winning souls? It requires a knowledge of human nature, close study, careful thought, and earnest prayer, to know how to approach men and women on the great subjects that concern their eternal welfare.–Gospel Workers, p. 92. (1915)

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