The Fort Method

I have received an email today. The question was asked "How do you bring the conversation around to talking about Jesus?

The FORT method is a good tool to use. FORT stands for Family Occupation Religion and Testimony.

People generally like to talk about themselves. In our Witnessing Church training we conduct a hands on workshop that has helped church members gain the confidence to witness to their friends, co-workers, doctor, lawyers and More...

May this be a blessing to those who are looking for ways to share their faith.

F = Family How is your family doing?
Are you originally from this area?
In what area were you raised?

O = Occupation What kind of work do you do?
How long have you worked there?
(If retired or unemployed) What type of work did you do?
How do you like your job?

R = Religion
What is your religious background?
Have you been a (Methodist) all of your life?
Do you attend a church?
Which church do you attend?
Does your whole family attend together?

T = Testimony
My life before I accepted Christ was …
How I became a Christian …
My life since becoming a Christian …
I have recently been sharing with my friends some interesting Bible lessons that have meant much to me. May I share them with you?

Always remember the conversation is a two way street. So let them share their story, if they have one.

If you have any questions or want to make a comment please jot me a line and to help support our non-profit ministry, purchase a copy of my book from here you will find more resources for witnessing or visit our website at .

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