Gaining Decisions For The Truth

As pastor, trainer, author and church growth specialist I have found that church members and church officers who conduct Bible studies without prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, seldom bring ripe fruits into our churches.

Some decisions are brought on by pressure, manipulation and scare tactics. I want you to know that we should never have anyone entering the baptismal pool unless they have committed their lives to Jesus Christ first before committing themselves to church membership.

Remember also it's about people, not about you. Your attitude can also push others away from making an important decision for life or death. So please treat others the way you want to be treated if you were hearing the gospel for the first time. In order to alleviate false conversions, I've laid out some Thou Shalt Not's to take into consideration when gaining decision for the truth of CHRIST.

1. Don’t proceed without heart preparation and prayer.

2. Don’t condemn a person’s past life. Give him hope for the future.

3. Don’t argue, lose your temper, or your patience.

4. Don’t interrupt the person who is raising an honest objection. Their opinion is important to them.

5. Don’t adapt the “that’s nothing compared with” attitude toward the person’s problems.

6. Don’t shut the door of mercy in his face because he is slow to accept.

7. Don’t use the “take it or leave it” approach.

8. Don’t give the candidate the impression that you are “running him down: to get him. Over-anxiety has driven many a fish from the hook.

9. Don’t talk with a person about joining the church in the presence of friends.

10. Don’t over urge, or give the sense that you are pressuring.

11. Don’t give the impression that you are in a hurry, even if you are.

12. Don’t stay for refreshments after the decision is secured.

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