General Guidelines to Preparing Bible Studies

This is provided for you to use as you are preparing your Bible studies. Your study will be powerful and effective if you use these principles. You can find this information also in my book "The Witnessing Church" on pages 50-52.

1. Make it CHRIST centered -LOVE-focused. Use the stories of Daniel to help to identify our situation, our experiences with God at our side just as He was with Daniel. Our trust and faith in a love relationship with Jesus will give us peace and joy even in a time of trouble. Just as Jesus wins in the end – If we make Him the Lord of our life, we will win with Him.

2. Personal Testimony - Give at least two personal testimonies. How God has worked in your life. How the study of prophecies has bless you. How He has cared for you, protected you. The joy and peace you have since Jesus is the center of your life. Personal testimonies makes it real, shows how the verse does make a difference. It helps you connect with your student.

3. Application - Each section in the study guide (Prophecy Seminar) write a Personal Application
Draw out the main thought in each section. Make it into a personal application for yourself and your study interest. At the end of each section state this is your lesson.

4. End of Study-List the Application-One for each section - Review these with your interest.

5. Decision - Take the thoughts from each application and make into a decision. You can write ONE decision following the above steps.

6. Prayer - Take the decision and make into a prayer. Sealing it in prayer.

Bible Studies You Can Use Applications -- Decision -- Prayer

I always like to review or summarize what we have learned in our time together.

Application # I
We have seen how completely interrelated Jesus, His love, and the Bible are. Isn't it incredible how Jesus, who is the Word, and Bread of Life, chose to reveal Himself and His plan to save us (you and me) from the pain and hurt of this sinful world and take us to heaven to be with Him forever.

Application # 2
We learned from God's Word and talked about how important it is that we let the scriptures and God's Spirit interpreting the Bible --- that is the only way we can be sure that it is a accurate and true meaning.

Application # 3

Isn't it exciting to see how God wants us to have a relationship with Him! To know Him, Jesus says, is eternal life.

Wasn't this study inspiring? It is incredible how Jesus wants to reveal Himself to us through His word. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I want to study the Bible more in order to have a clearer revelation and a deeper relationship with Jesus, don't you?

I would like to close with prayer if that's ok with you.

Dear Lord, Thank You so much for giving us the Bible. It's so awesome that You love us enough to give us Your Book the Bible to reveal Yourself to us. Thank you for sending your Spirit to guide our minds as we have studied today. Lord, we want to study your Word more and more, so we can understand You and know you better and better. Please guide us every time we open the Bible, enabling us to see Your Word clearly. In Jesus' name, Amen.

By following these guideline you will have converted individuals walking through your church doors. If you have questions please feel free to jot me a line, purchase a copy of my book from or visit our website at .

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