Witnessing Inspite of Obstacles Part 2

II. Objections

The list of objections that you will encounter when conducting Bible studies and evangelistic visitation, is almost endless.

A knowledge of the most general objections and how to meet them is most helpful, as well as some basic principles in dealing with objections.

A. Principles to remember in dealing with objections:
1. Deal with all objections calmly and respectfully, and as briefly as possible.
a. Some objections are merely a decoy to divert attention from the issue or decision at hand
b. Try to determine whether or not the objection is sincere.
c. Seek to discover and remove their main objections
d. Always bring your prospect back to the central issue or topic at hand as gracefully & quickly as you can.
e. Woman at the well
John 4:16-26
2. Use the Word in meeting objections
a. By doing so, your prospect will soon realize that it is not your ideas that they are objecting to, but God and his word.
3. Be kind and tactful - Don’t debate or argue
a. You can win an argument, but lose a decision, a soul.

B. Remember, a decision will not be made until the main objections are resolved

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