Witnessing Inspite of the Obstacles - Part 4

IV. Other Situations

A. Talkative person

1. Whereas we must socialize at first to establish friendships, if we merely socialize, we are wasting God’s time, and our effort.

2. When dealing with a talkative person, ask questions to interrupt a narrative and to steer the conversation in the direction you want.

3. Be careful, however. A person who really wants to tell you something and is not permitted to, may react unfavorably to your visit.

B. Religious Zealot from another faith

1. Generally it is wise not to spend much time with a very zealous believer of another faith whose goal is to convert you.
DA 455, 456 - “The perception and appreciation of truth…depends lees upon the mind than upon the heart…. Man’s advantages for obtaining a knowledge of the truth…will prove of no benefit to him unless the heart is open to receive the truth, and there is a conscientious surrender of every habit and practice that is opposed to its principles. To those who… (have) an honest desire to know and to do His will the truth is revealed as the power of God for their salvation.”

1. Until the person recognizes a spiritual need, they are unable to accept truth
2. Conversion is the main goal & not convincing a person of a doctrine. A converted person’s attitude is, “Teach me Thy will O God.”

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